Malmesbury Town Guide

Malmesbury is a charming market town lying at the southern end of the Cotswolds. The description 'steeped in history' might have been coined for Malmesbury:  it is in contention for the oldest continually inhabited English town and may be England's oldest borough. That history is evident throughout the town and helps to make Malmesbury a popular tourist destination. With its imposing abbey and jumble of attractive houses, for many Malmesbury is the quintessential English hill top town. Today the main employer in the area is the technology company Dyson, and the local economy is boosted by the tourist trade. Did you know? Malmesbury Abbey contains the grave of Hannah Twynnoy, said to be the first person in the UK to be killed by a tiger (October 23, 1703). Apparently she had been teasing the animal when it escaped from its cage and mauled her.