Want cost-effective advertising that reaches local people? Many of the Town Crier’s readers are looking for local business services to meet their needs. Advertising with us means gives you a straightforward, efficient method of getting your message across to thousands of potential customers.

We offer two advertising methods that complement and reinforce each other:

    • Our print magazine. With 15,000 copies printed each month, and an estimated readership of 50,000, our magazines are a focused way of marketing your business.  Magazines are free to homes and businesses throughout North Wiltshire. They’re delivered door-to-door in Calne, and can also be picked up at supermarkets, village stores, libraries, pubs, cafes etc in North Wiltshire. Advert prices start from just £40.
    • Our website. More and more people now turn to the internet as their preferred method of finding services. An advert on our website is a low cost way of building that increasingly vital online presence.

Find out more below or get in touch to talk through your advertising needs.

Magazine Advertising

When you place an advert with the Town Crier, you reach an estimated 50,000 readers across North Wiltshire. Free to homes and businesses throughout North Wiltshire, we print 15,000 copies every month. Magazines are delivered door-to-door in Calne and mad...


You will soon be able to reach your customers online, by advertising on our website! Website adverts will complement your print ads, reaching another potential audience who prefer to search online. Our website will extend your reach beyond the print magazin...